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Guest Judge: Brendan Hoffmann, ECD, Joe Public, Cape Town

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    April 08, 2024 16:47 (Edited: April 09, 2024 02:47)
Winner: Pepperstone 'Don't be fine with it'. I'm a sucker for great insights and the idea of people getting stuck using the same-old trading platform and convincing themselves that they're fine with it is a winner. Using humour in a category that is usually so dull is clever. The absurdity of the story and great performances had me laughing throughout.

Runner up: Prada Galleria 'Close-Up'. I hope only giving this Jonathan Glazer piece runner-up isn't a career limiting decision. An instant classic, powerfully told in simple yet beautifully complex detail. The camera language, performance and music all combine exquisitely to tell the story. I must have watched it four or five times and enjoyed it every time.

Winner: Save the Children 'Families / Car'. A powerful print ad that educates us on the recruitment strategy used by criminal groups in Mexico - replacing the roles of the family for young people. Beautifully shot, the art direction and copy work succinctly together to tell the story. All the right ingredients for a great print ad.

Runner up: Lotes CBL 'Some visitors don't even deserve water'. The headline does all the work in this piece, conveying a strong culturally relevant message. That and a shared dislike of mosquitos makes this my runners-up choice.

Winner: Coca-Cola 'Every Coca-Cola is Welcome'. Forget the CI, this campaign from Coca-Cola celebrates the world's most well-known brand by embracing the beautifully imperfect interpretations of its iconic logo and showcasing them in their campaign. Instead of imposing a stiff corporate brand on people, Coca-Cola has found a way to celebrate the art works of those who love and sell their products and by doing so claim the higher ground over their competitors.

Runner-up: Clear Men 'Bald Spots'. This piece gets a nod for the smart and relevant new media space they've found to advertise their product. Turning stares into trial and sales. Some clever lines and nice art direction make this a fun and impactful idea.

Winner: Testicular Cancer Society 'Highlight Your Balls'. Getting people to watch something they don't really want to watch is always difficult. This piece does it extremely well and addresses a serious and important topic in such a practical and engaging way. I liked how they used clever YouTube ad placement to deliver the message.

Runner-up: Greenpeace / Planet Labs PBC 'Flying Guardians'. It would have been good to know a bit more about how this worked in practice but the idea of delivering constantly updating satellite imagery to flight simulator gamers to help solve a real-life problem is pretty smart.
This week's guest judge is Brendan Hoffmann, executive creative director at Joe Public, Cape Town.

In 2019 Brendan started the Cape Town office of Joe Public, the biggest independent agency in South Africa. Driven by its purpose: To be the fertile soil that grows our people, our clients and our country, Joe Public has been rated the top creative agency in South Africa for the past 5 years and 22nd in the One Show Global Independent Agency rankings.

In its first 3 years Joe Public Cape Town has attracted several blue chip clients including Uber and Uber Eats, Engen (SA's biggest petroleum brand) and Hansa Pilsener.

Before this, Brendan ran the creative department at Publicis and has also worked at DDB, Lowe and FoxP2. He is passionate about creativity and believes strongly in the power of great ideas and their ability to grow clients' businesses and change people's lives. His work has been awarded at local and international award shows and he also regularly judges these shows.

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