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Guest Judge: Todd Mackie, partner/CCO, Broken Heart Love Affair

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    September 11, 2023 15:02 (Edited: September 12, 2023 01:02)
Winner: Prism+ 'Concert'. Much like the character in the ad, it grabbed me from the start and never let go. I actually chuckled out loud. I've done a lot of work in this category over the years and this execution never came across my desk. Just pure simple fun with excellent execution. I love when you take a simple benefit to a product and explore it in a completely unique and memorable way. I think, as a father of two kids, I can also relate to this problem. Well done.

Runner-Up: Chicken Licken Rock My Soul 'Feel The Fire'. So often these ads default to a list of spicy ingredients with 30 seconds of food shots, which are easy to ignore. This one had me intrigued as to where it was heading. I tried to guess what was making him cry and sweat, but I never got to spicy chicken because the script/production never tipped its hat in that direction. Pleasantly surprised in the end. I also loved the character's name Razz Matazz.

Winner: Pure Vision 'Brown Coffin'. Love this. So simple, it reminds we why I love good print so much. It's a great example of how powerful an image can be. No line needed really, and it's perfectly executed.

Runner-up: Claro 'Enema of the staaaaate'. Such a fun and very campaignable idea. I immediately started to imagine other album artwork that you could zoom out from and have fun with. This could go on forever.

Winner: SMART x FIBA World Cup 2023 'Globe'. What an amazing transformation of a famous landmark into a super captivating outdoor execution. Adding the basket around the ball takes this to the next lever. Super cool.

Runner-up: Imagina Mas 'Peeboards'. Super smart way to get your message to reveal itself to your target in a relevant moment and in a very memorable way.

Winner: Google 'Japantown'. A beautiful way to experience a familiar location but in a whole new way. It's a great promotion for Paper Tree but origami birds flying around with no droppings, also a bonus.

Runner-up: Chupa Chups 'Skate & Crate'. I know brands entering the gaming world isn't new, but I like the simple approach of this one. Feels like a natural fun way to interact with the brand with a relevant target in an engaging medium.
This week's guest judge is Todd Mackie, partner and chief creative officer at Broken Heart Love Affair, Toronto.

Todd Mackie is a wannabe-professional-fisherman who had to rely on his fallback plan, which led him into a career in advertising. He started with the bigger shops in Toronto, Cossette, DDB and BBDO before venturing out into new waters. In 2020, he left to start his own agency, Broken Heart Love Affair, with 4 other partners. He's had a good run, winning a bunch at Cannes, landing a whack load of other international and national awards, none of which his parents have heard of, but they are still proud of him. If you follow him on Instagram, you will see him holding up his prized possessions, all of which are trophy fish. He has no idea where his awards are.

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