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Vimia: Good Vibrations

 TV   SWEDEN    April 20, 2024 08:44 (Edited: April 20, 2024 18:44) is a Swedish telco with good intentions. No high rates, no odd terms and conditions and first in Sweden to remove binding periods permanently. In other words - They're the phone company with good vibrations. The new concept was launched with these films, showing people getting physical vibrating reactions to Vimla phones and sim cards. The three films feature different unexpected visualizations of vibrations, all representing the good feelings of being a customer at Vimla.


SOS: Childrens Villages Workwear For Kids

 TV   SWEDEN    April 19, 2024 07:56 Children’s Villages expose the harsh realities of child labour in the brickmaking, mining, and tobacco industries with a thought-provoking workwear collection designed specifically for children. Behind the campaign is the advertising agency NORD DDB.


Bolist: No Help

 TV   SWEDEN    April 19, 2024 07:39 Swedish hardware store Bolist loves helping people with their building projects, and therefore wanted to encourage people to ask for help. The solution was a commercial that showed what can happen if you don't ask for help, even though you should


Ikea Al Futtaim: Dog

 TV   SWEDEN    March 29, 2024 09:50 new trend brings along new situations at home. Because on top of the unquestionable love four-legged buddies give in homes, they often also mess them up. IKEA decided to tap into those little accidents that every pet owner can relate to.


Talita:Mission Talita

 INTERACTIVE   SWEDEN    March 12, 2024 06:53 the GTA V city of Los Santos, prostitutes are exploited, beaten, robbed and killed with no rescue in sight. Until now. Swedish non-profit organisation Talita has launched a new GTA V experience based on the real-life stories of women who have fallen victim to prostitution and sex trafficking.


Three: Bigfoot

 TV   SWEDEN    February 22, 2024 07:27 Gustav Egerstedt is one of a handful of filmmakers to capture the elusive bigfoot. This time, however, it happened to coincide perfectly with his commercial for telephone operator '3'.


JOM: The Casting Call

 TV   SWEDEN    January 31, 2024 18:46 (Edited: February 01, 2024 05:46) BABYBABY are back with more bizarre eye candy, this time for Swedish organic gummy brand JOM. 'The Casting Call', takes place behind the scenes of 'Sabrina: Mermaid by Day, Assassin by Night'. We follow our hero as he nervously waits, rehearsing his lines. In need of some extra pep, he indulges in JOM, travelling through a gummy world, returning ready, fresh, and motivated. We think.


Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän : Lakia 13

 INTERACTIVE   SWEDEN    January 27, 2024 06:27 (Edited: January 27, 2024 17:27) spent on social media is at an all time high. Teen mental health is at an all time low. The long term impact remains unknown. So how can we explore social medias impact on youth mental health without placing real kids at risk? Meet Laika 13, the worlds first AI teenager raised entirely by social media. She was created with an extensive dataset based on existing behavioral research. Laika raised awareness of the issue in her own unique way.


Getinge: The Heart Surgeon’s Cookbook

 INTERACTIVE   SWEDEN    January 19, 2024 13:22 collaboration between an eminent heart surgeon, a Michelin-starred chef, and global medtech company Getinge. To help heart surgeons improve their dexterity, they are now introducing a one-of-a-kind cookbook with recipes that require surgical precision. While medical devices in the OR have the potential to revolutionise patient care, their efficacy is intrinsically tied to the surgeon’s dexterity, coordination, and meticulous attention to detail. Recognising this, Getinge, a leading medtech company, has chosen to honour one of the most crucial tools during surgery – the skilled hands that operate in ORs worldwide. In a unique tribute, they have created a cookbook for heart surgeons. All nine recipes in the book are conceived and developed by New York-based cardiovascular and thoracic Surgeon Dr. Nirav Patel MD and Fredrik Berselius, holder of two Michelin stars and founder and owner of Aska restaurant in New York. The recipes include at least one surgical technique familiar to surgeons that puts dexterity to the test: including precise cutting, injecting in a small, confined area, surgical stitching, anatomic dissecting and repetition, plus gentle handling, and concentration skills. In addition to the book, the campaign also includes a short documentary about the project, in-depth content such as interviews, a landing page, and social media assets. Behind the campaign is the creative collective Forsman & Bodenfors.


McDonalds: The Crunch

 TV   SWEDEN    January 18, 2024 06:59's Sweden has added the McCrispy burger to its menu. It is a new chicken burger with an extra crispy breading. The crunchy sound of the burger is something McDonald's Sweden wanted to center the launch campaign around. Together with a composer they created a classical musical tune called "The Crunch", which McCrispy performs together with a classical symphony orchestra.


Axis: The Impossible Angle

 AMBIENT   SWEDEN    January 18, 2024 06:28 ice hockey game is covered by cameras from all angles, except one. In a new experiment, Axis Communications, a leader in network video, is demonstrating how their camera can withstand all kinds of conditions. How? By freezing it inside the ice of a hockey rink, capturing the impossible angle. It is their first campaign together with Forsman & Bodenfors.


Pressbyrn: Transition Hot Dog

 TV   SWEDEN    December 15, 2023 06:34 the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP28, ends this week, the need for a green transition is more obvious than ever before. The conference has shown that every step to a more sustainable climate counts. As part of its environmental initiative, the Swedish convenience store chain Pressbyrån has developed 'The Transition Hot Dog' that aims at shifting consumer preferences to more sustainable alternatives.


McDonalds: The Big Mac Signature

 OUTDOOR   SWEDEN    December 14, 2023 07:02 since McDonald's created the Big Mac in 1967 the burger has had an economic index named after itself, a museum dedicated to its history and in Sweden people order a Big Mac every third second. Despite its celebrity status, Big Mac has been lacking something most icons have an autograph!


Scania: New Energy

 TV   SWEDEN    November 24, 2023 07:11 2022 Swedish truck manufacturer Scania picked Agency Akestam Holst as a new partner. Now the first collaboration is rolling out, highlighting Scania's new urban and regional electric trucks.


NetOnNet: Superhero

 TV   SWEDEN    November 19, 2023 07:51 NetOnNet unveils a new cardboard Superhero in their latest campaign from director Torben Kjelsturp. The campaign, which comes from Forsman & Bodenfors, with production company Immigrant and was born of a thought to step away from the usual generic communication about low prices.


RFSU: The Livebrator

 INTERACTIVE   SWEDEN    November 15, 2023 10:07 (Edited: November 15, 2023 21:07) revolutionary project that merged advanced technology, the joy of music and sexual health was made possible through the collaboration between The Swedish Association of Sexual Education and the Live Nation-owned Way Out West festival. "The Livebrator" took the live music experience to a new dimension by vibrating in real-time with the gigs that played at the festival. Prior to the festival, hundreds of Livebrators were handed out to influencers and super fans who wanted to enjoy live shows from artists like King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Christine & The Queens and Masego,


Rise Sweden: The Parental Divorce

 TV & PRINT   SWEDEN    November 13, 2023 15:03 (Edited: November 14, 2023 02:03), November 12th is Father's Day in Sweden. It's a sad day for people who's been sexual abused as a child by their fathers. Therefore, Rise, the national association against incest and other sexual abuse in childhood, is launching the initiative "Parental Divorce."Many who experience incest or other sexual abuse from a parent choose to sever contact with the perpetrator. But in Sweden, and many other countries, there is a legal principle stating that even adults must have a registered parent, which may be brought up in dealings with authorities, as the closest relative, in inheritance, caregiving, and estate etc. The only option to cut all ties legally is adult adoption.


Stockholm's Stadmissionen: Before It's Too Late

 TV   SWEDEN    November 09, 2023 16:39 (Edited: November 10, 2023 03:39)'s Stadsmissionen (Stockholm's City Mission) is fighting for the children and families affected by the economic downturn. Together with Giants & Toys & TBWA Stockholm, Stockholm Stadsmissionen have launched a fundraising campaign to support children and their families before it's too late.


Era Of Conquest:This Is Just the Beginning

 TV   SWEDEN    November 09, 2023 16:28 (Edited: November 10, 2023 03:28) Jonsater, represented by Misgena Mgmt, brings his A-game in the new Era of Conquest commercial starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Having edited works like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Big Little Lies, Beartown and the iconic Swedish horror film Let the right on in, Jonsater's body of work foreshadows the quality of this commercial edit and is a also a homecoming of sorts for Dino and Benedict. Directed by Tomas Jonsgarden, this film fully captures the game’s intrigue and essence and Cumberbatch's center stage performance has greatly heightened the anticipation surrounding Era of Conquest.


Halloween at Liseberg: The Peak Fear Experiment

 EXPERIENTAL   SWEDEN    November 06, 2023 12:21 fear be good for you? The Peak Fear Experiment was an event and collaboration between Liseberg Amusement Park and the Recreational Fear Lab at Aarhus University, which took place on October 11, 2023. The purpose was to explore the limits of recreational horror and find the sweet spot between fear and fun. Out of 1,640 applications from 22 countries, two participants were chosen.
Agency: Welcom


Liseberg: The Peak Fear Experiment

 WEB FILM   SWEDEN    November 04, 2023 06:57 amusement park in Sweden recently carried out The Peak Fear Experiment, and the research report from the experiment is now being released. Among other things, the results show that recreational fear can have benefits both for health and personal development.


Visit Sweden: Sweden (not Switzerland)

 TV   SWEDEN    October 25, 2023 09:30, in 2023, people tend to confuse Sweden with Switzerland. Not even the most educated and powerful people on earth can keep the two countries apart. Determined to end the confusion once and for all, Visit Sweden proposes actions in new campaign. After decades of confusion, Sweden is tired of being mixed up with Switzerland. And Switzerland is probably just as tired of being mixed up with Sweden. Global travelers, global leaders, the New York Stock Exchange, and event organizers have all done it. Even if several attempts to keep the two countries apart have been made over the years, none have been successful enough to end the confusion.
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Sweden


Molnlycke Health Care: Is There Another Way

 AMBIENT   SWEDEN    October 24, 2023 17:11 artist Maria Koijck collected the waste from her own surgery and turned it into art, asking one question to the healthcare industry: "Is there another way"? In this new campaign developed by Forsman & Bodenfors, healthcare company Molnlycke wanted to give Maria the answer she deserved.


Goteberg Energi: Do Less For the Climate

 OUTDOOR & PRINT   SWEDEN    October 17, 2023 08:06 (Edited: October 17, 2023 19:06) a time when the climate issue is at its peak worldwide, the Swedish energy company, Goteborg Energi, makes an unexpected move. We don't just need to do more to save the climate; we also need to do less. Less driving, less meat consumption, fewer plastic packages, and fewer long-distance trips


Vattenfall: Helping Society Break Free From Fossil Fuels

 TV   SWEDEN    October 14, 2023 09:19 from fossil fuels are deeply embedded in every aspect of our daily lives. In a new campaign, created by Nord DDB, the Swedish energy company Vattenfall illustrates the pervasive grip of fossil fuels on our society through innovative visual techniques. Fossil fuels leave their mark on every facet of modern life, including unexpected areas we might not even think of, such as the music we stream and enjoy* and our most cherished memories we collect with our cameras and phones**.


Länsförsäkringar (insurance company): Laika 13

 INTERACTIVE   SWEDEN    October 14, 2023 08:53 in five teenagers spend all their free time on social media. Despite clear connections to mental health problems, the time spent on the platforms continues to increase. But what happens if you spend 100% of your time on social media as child? A Swedish insurance company now launching Laika; the world's first AI teenager, who has been raised by social media. The purpose is to prevent mental ill-health among young people. Stendahls is the creative agency behind the idea. Do you like to chat with an AI who suffers from several psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression and shows strong signs of narcissism and aggression?


Lindex: I am Still Here Exhibition

 AMBIENT   SWEDEN    October 08, 2023 11:24 cancer can affect anyone, at any time. Thanks to research 9 out of 10 women survives.
This year Lindex marks two decades of dedication to support cancer research. From young to old, from being in the middle of treatment to finally being told that you are now cancer free. These women know exactly what is like.


Castra: Nerds Wanted

 PRINT   SWEDEN    October 07, 2023 15:28 recruitment campaign from Castra, one of Sweden's fastest-growing IT consulting companies, makes no sense at all. At least to the average viewer.
Based on the insight that IT consultants have a penchant for sci-fi/fantasy and problem solving, the ads are written in the constructed languages of Klingon (Star Trek), Sindarin (The Lord of the Rings) and Galactic Standard (Star Wars). A strategic move to single out the most dedicated and competent talent and win them over to the Castra side.


Castra: Galactic Star

 OUTDOOR   SWEDEN    September 18, 2023 06:56 (Edited: September 18, 2023 16:56) recruitment campaign from Castra, one of Sweden's fastest-growing IT consulting companies, makes no sense at all. At least to the average viewer.
The ads are written in the constructed languages of Klingon (Star Trek), Sindarin (The Lord of the Rings) and Galactic Standard (Star Wars). A strategic move aimed at singling out the most dedicated and competent talent and winning them over to the Castra side."We know that the best IT consultants are those who geek out and don't shy away from a challenge, whether it's a work-related task or learning a language that nobody speaks. Anyone who cracks the messages could have the potential to become our next star," says Julia Lazar, Marketing Director at Castra.


Blodmoloppet: The Saved Playlist

 INTERACTIVE   SWEDEN    September 18, 2023 06:42 (Edited: September 18, 2023 16:42)"Blodomloppet" is a running race with the purpose to raise awareness about blood donation. To make more people reflect on why blood donors are needed they decided to launch "The Saved Playlist". A new type of playlist on Spotify. A playlist featuring artists who have survived a serious accident or surgery thanks to blood transfusions, and with songs that therefore exist thanks to blood donors.


Burger king : Plant Based

 TV   SWEDEN    September 06, 2023 09:09 (Edited: September 06, 2023 19:09) campaign, promoting Burger King's plant-based menu, marks Forsman & Bodenfors' first work for Burger King since winning the account for the Scandinavian market earlier this year. Directed by Vedran Rupic and Gustav Sundstrom at Business Club Royale, the spot shows a simple taste test getting completely out of hand.


Lantmannen: A Bun Is Born

 PRINT   SWEDEN    September 06, 2023 06:27 latest print from the Swedish farming cooperative Lantmännen and NORD DDB depicts the miracle of life, with reference to the world-famous photograph of a human fetus. In the print, a wheat sprout is shown encapsulated in a water drop, evoking thoughts of human life, accompanied by the caption "A bun is born". The print pays homage to the cover of "When a Child is Born," a book by Lennart Nilsson, which, upon its publication in 1965,


Nextory: Leave A Mark

 INTERACTIVE   SWEDEN    September 06, 2023 05:34 (Edited: September 06, 2023 15:34) Visual.png&width=200Nextory is an audiobook service that started with the notion that the written word should be accessible to everyone. To manifest this, we took on the challenge of banned books. To spread the printed word we created a 3d-printable shoe, with quotes from the most banned book in history George Orwell's 1984 etched into the soles, giving the wearer the power to spread the quotes without using the book, just by simply walking. The shoe is available for download on giving everyone the opportunity to spread the power of the written word.


Samsung: Big News

 OUTDOOR   SWEDEN    September 01, 2023 09:45 launch the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, we wanted to emphasize that it takes up less space in your pocket than an iPhone.To achieve this, we created a small outdoor billboard targeting the pockets of Stockholm residents, and we successfully conveyed that big news doesn't always need to be so substantial.


Bankomat: More Travel Currency For The Money

 TV   SWEDEN    August 10, 2023 09:36 offers travel currency with better rates at selected ATMs. Therefore, it's always a smart idea to begin your vacation at Bankomat.


RFSU: For The Freedom Of Everybody

 TV   SWEDEN    July 27, 2023 21:36 (Edited: July 28, 2023 07:36) incredible animation, progressive messaging and defiant direction, Marcus Lundin directs 'For The Freedom of Every Body," campaign by RFSU, the commercial entity of the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education. Following on from a previous campaign that Marcus has directed for the organisation titled 'Dear Condom II', this latest campaign celebrates RSFU's sales of products of condoms, home sexual check-up tests, sex toys, lubricants, and feminine care


Sova: Sleep Cycle

 OUTDOOR   SWEDEN    July 14, 2023 08:09 is the leading supplier of quality beds in Sweden. To promote their new store in Stockholm, they created a guerrilla campaign in the neighborhood, inviting people to a free bed testing session by promoting a better sleep cycle, on a cycle.


Sova: Get Laid

 OUTDOOR   SWEDEN    July 10, 2023 10:13 is the leading supplier of quality beds in Sweden. To promote their new store in Stockholm, they created a guerrilla campaign in the neighborhood, inviting people to a free bed testing session.


St1: Sound Driving

 INTERACTIVE   SWEDEN    June 23, 2023 05:32 (Edited: June 23, 2023 15:32) music service plays your music too fast, if you drive too fast.
Speeding violations increase fuel consumption and leave deep holes in motorists'wallets. Nordic energy and fuel company St1 has come up with an unorthodox solution to the problem called Sound Driving. A music service that plays your music too fast if you drive too fast.


Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund: The Lunch Room

 TV   SWEDEN    June 22, 2023 08:25 the fight against childhood cancer we are launching the manifestation Football Shirt Friday in Sweden. To raise attention of the new initiative we have created a commercial for TV and Cinema in which we asked ourselves one big question. What will it actually look like if everyone came to work wearing rival football shirts?

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