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Guest Judge: Akae Wang, ECD, Tencent, China

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    October 18, 2021 11:47 (Edited: October 18, 2021 22:47)
Winner: Ladder 'So Good'. Killing family members to get insurance money, it happens all the time, doesn't it? I think only Thailand can handle that kind of storytelling in the East, my market has always lacked that kind of humour.

Runner up: John Lewis Home Insurance 'Let Life Happen'. To be honest, the popularity of Tiktok has been responsible for the growth of these little demons in the home.
But how can you suppress the creativity of children? I don't have children, but I do have a dog who is a great housebreaker, and this product gives me hope.

Winner: Nissan 'Ghost'. "Don't look in the mirror at night, because you will see things you shouldn't" is an old Chinese saying, which is very appropriate here.

No runner up.

Winner: The Bottle-O 'The Fridge O-Doption Program'. This is a very beautiful piece of work. It makes me want to go and get one to take home immediately. It's a piece that needs no introduction, it's simple and makes you want to own it.

Runner up: Hispanic Heritage Month / Diageo 'Local Heroes'. Even though life has suffered some kind of misfortune, we still have to go on. Instead of using a video to convey a belief, the brand goes deeper and creates stories with ordinary people, so that the 'keep walking stories' are more touching.

Winner: Yahoo/Selfridges 'Electric City'. This is a very complete digital campaign. The collaboration of the brands is also new to me, Pokemon, fashion, gaming, virtual, immersive experiences, e-commerce, all elements come together to make it more cyberpunk. The design of the website is also very interesting and I could have been immersed in the entertainment experience for at least half an hour.

Runner up: NRJ Belgium/Pink Ribbon Belgium '#MixForBoobs'. The whole idea is gimmicky, but it doesn't make me feel any less positive , and it's good that it's bringing the music to market. The message is also conveyed in this way. Wang(1).jpg
This week's guest judge is Akae Wang, executive creative director at Tencent, China.

Beginning in 1988, Akae's creative potential burgeoned in performing arts. After 5 years dedication, he made the economic decision to switch his career path to advertising and became an art designer and then copywriter. In 2002 he was promoted to ECD for David Advertising (The second agency of Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan), leading David in next 10 years to become one of the top 3 creative advertising firms in Taiwan, and consistent winner of prestigious advertising awards in league with Ogilvy and ADK.

In 2010 his work at Publicis China allowed his talents to shine in the greater China market leading to the win of Tencent as a client plus 2-year service contract. Later, his talents were sought out by Tencent with an offer to become Chief ECD for Branding and PR Division. His dedication to his career brought Tencent more than 80 global advertising awards in 5 years. His future creativity direction will focus on AI applications in the healthcare industry, IP cultural and creative industries as well as social responsibility for Tencent as a brand.

Writing is his favorite pastime with 4 books and 5 plays published. One of his books, A Cachalot on a Train, was awarded the silver medal of the Best Book Design from all over the World: International Competition 2013 held In Leipzig.

Jury experience: Cannes 2018/D&AD 2020/Oneshow 2021/Adfest 2020,2021/Adstar 2021/Oneshow asia 2020 2021/LIA China 2018 2021

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