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Guest Judge: Clark Edwards, creative director, AMV BBDO, London

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    January 16, 2017 10:09 (Edited: January 16, 2017 21:09)
My pick this week is Mercedes-Benz, 'The Encounter'. In the sixth months since Stranger Things aired, I'd hazard a guess that the show's been referenced more times by creatives in meetings than the number of people who actually watched it. However this spot, although clearly taking inspiration from, has borrowed just enough for it to work. A simple idea that's well cast and looks nice. Plus, the girl's hair near the end is dimension alteringly great.

Runner-up: Ikea - 'Win at Sleeping'. If I was going by the ad's title alone this would get my pick. Unfortunately though Mother have set the bar so high in previous work. For me it kind of veers around a bit too much visually. It's really good but it's not 'Beds'.

Winner: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - Hugo. The best of the six for me is Hugo. In light of all the recent harrowing killer whale stories in the news, the image does that feeling of outrage justice. Although I can't help thinking that they could have dropped the headline and just ran with copy as the visual is so strong.

Runner-up: I'll go for the Air Asia 'Exodus ad'. But like a bee looking at a flower, I may be being swayed by visual of a tropical island - as it's raining so hard today in London it feels like I'm living in Mordor.

Winner: I sit about 30 feet from the team who wrote it, so it looks like I'm drinking the agency cool aid. But my unbiased outdoor pick this week is the Maltesers Braile poster. No unnecessary tech or overcomplicated rationale - just a simple poster for World Braile Day that dovetails nicely with the recent TVC that championed disability in a brave way.

Runner Up: Smoking Billboard. I don't know if this ran once, or how many of those people were actors in the case study film, but it's a good execution and it's pushing outdoor

Winner: Stamps For Good. Monetising something as ubiquitous as emails in this way is cool. Plus, giving people badges that they can show off and bring good with is clever. Honestly I don't how successful it'll be, but from a personal perspective my mother still sends me and my kids annoying online animated cards that look like they were designed in the mid 90s. This would be a lovely alternative to dancing retrievers and might actually help someone.

Runner Up: The Dyslexic Captcha. I think there's an interesting mechanic at the heart of this - using captchas to highlight the issue. That feels new and fresh to me. How annoying people would find it is up for debate. Good thought though. Shot 2017-01-12 at 17.50.27.jpg
This week's guest judge is Clark Edwards, creative director, AMV BBDO, London.

Clark joined AMV BBDO as a creative director in 2014, working on Martini, Snickers, Lotto and Footlocker.

Before this he spent two years at Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne. Here he created a number of high-profile campaigns, including The Melbourne Remote Control Tourist.

His work across print, film and interactive has picked up awards at every major international award show.

Currently he lives in North London and runs a lot. He also has a third child on the way, so is planning on running even more very soon.

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