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Guest Judge: Chris Buhrman, ECD, Hanson Dodge, Milwaukee

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    December 21, 2020 09:55 (Edited: December 21, 2020 20:55)
First of all, thank you Best Ads, for inviting me to judge. So much good work. As with most judging, my choices are colored by my own experience and personality. In addition, I looked for work that would move the needle, or as we say at Hanson Dodge, work that would help the client "make great leaps."

Winner: Images Med Spa 'Let's Feel Good About Looking Good'. It's not just that they did a great job of tapping into the reservations their audience feels about undergoing a Botox procedure, it's that they did it in a way that lets people laugh at all we do to look our best, while empowering viewers to trust their intuition about what will make us look good and feel good. I'm betting there will be a run on Botox procedures, accompanied by a lot of "(blank) yous" to anyone who questions the decision.

Runner up: Dutch State Lottery 'Believe in Luck with Frummel'. I'm generally not sucked in by holiday spots that pull at the heartstrings, but there was something especially poignant that got to me. Maybe it was the incredibly cute cat (I'm a cat owner), or the shift in the black cat stereotype, but most likely it was the unexpected generosity of the man toward his neighbors. I assume he'll get a kickback after they win.

Winner: Foundation Hogar de la Divina Misericordia 'Apples'. This ad took something I know well, the Adidas logo, and gave it new meaning. Actually, they made it more meaningful and personal to me. I thought it was simple and effective.

Runner up: Amnesty International 'Sleeping Politicians'. These two images intrigued me and compelled me to take a closer look. And when I did, it evoked a range of uncomfortable feelings: sadness, disgust and anger. That effect should generate a lot of Tweets.

Winner: Prisma 'Social Distancing Plushies'. A delightful and engaging way to create social distance. Most of the reminders we get are ugly stickers that look like warning labels. This idea makes social distancing a joyful experience and the bears doing double duty as gifts added a layer of warmth from the brand.

Runner up: McDonald's 'Reflections - Fries'. I had a hard time picking a runner up, but I gave it to McDonald's because the execution was beautiful and simple. If I was there, I'd be looking for where they shot the reflection.

Winner: Pony Malta 'She F.C.'. A very smart hack. Talk about making a great leap. I have no doubt this will go far toward creating equality in the game. Digital has the ability to represent all and level the playing field. Besides, my 11-year-old daughter beats me at video games all the time.

Runner up: SimpliSafe 'Social Distancing Sweater'. This is a fun, smart and timely piece of branding. Even if it is just for the video, it makes a clear point about SimpliSafe in an entertaining way. The millions of reluctant huggers out there who live in a world of huggers need this sweater whether there is a pandemic or not. headshot from website.JPG
This week's guest judge is Chris Buhrman, executive creative director at Hanson Dodge in Milwaukee.

Chris leads HD's talented creative and production team. His role involves inspiring, provoking, prodding and encouraging them to shine in fresh ways that produce high value for our clients.

Chris has a long history of harnessing the power of creativity to improve the fortunes of brands. The list includes KEEN Utility, Creminelli, Visit Milwaukee, Stanley PMI, The Medical College of Wisconsin, Children's Wisconsin, Utah Office of Tourism, Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, Corningware, Pyrex, Birdseye, Vise-Grip and Mutual of Omaha.

Chris also has deep international experience including stints in India with Bozell Worldwide, and Latin America with McCann. Including work for Kohinoor, GM, Citibank, Coca-Cola, General Mills and more.

Chris is from Nebraska and identifies as a Husker, but in his time at HD, the Packers have managed to become a close second in his heart. He also owns too many bikes and is looking for one more.

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