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Guest Judge: Adrian Rossi, The Constellation Collective, London

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    February 13, 2023 13:39 (Edited: February 17, 2023 05:19)
I'm half English and half Italian, so, my two halves decided to do this review of the work.

Winner: Uber One 'One Hit For Uber One'.
English Adrian: This is well put together, with some very amusing moments. It lacks insight or strategy. As amusing as it is what is it saying about Uber One? It is dancing close to that pitfall of 'don't let the talent overshadow the brand'.

Italian Adrian: Vaf*@+?ulo!, Look at what I have to deal with in here? He says it is good with one word then damns it with another. Over logical English buffoon. Go with your gut. It will be talked about. it will be watched. It's already got millions of views online before the Super Bowl. This is easily first place.

Runner up: Levi's 'Fair Exchange'.
EA: Back when we were at BBH, Levi's was the bench mark for TV ads. The formula was complicatedly simple. Great story, great product insight, great music track (get a hit no.1 and get in culture before that term was even invented) and a great director. They have got a great director.
As Hegarty said "It's a workwear brand, so, make workwear fashionable'.

IA: Will you ever shut up (whilst gesticulating wildly in a cliched Italian way)? This is good, well crafted and Martin has directed it wonderfully. Hegarty also said a lot of other things.

Winner: Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra 'Beethoven on TikTok'.
EA: Welcome to a round up of the best Chat GPT/ AI ideas also known as press ads. Both of these ideas open up and carry on the conversation about the impact of ChatGPT and AI on not just what we do but everything. Clients and some agency CEOs (you know who you are) are seeing ChatGPT as the answer to all their problems. Cheap and quick. What more do you need? Well, to be effective it needs stand out. It needs to not be logical. It needs to make leaps. It needs to make the brand stand for something. It needs a big idea. AI still needs a human hand to direct it. Will it change things? Undoubtedly. When will it change everything? For original ideas not in the near future or ever. Maybe for adapts a lot sooner.
The image of Beethoven got my attention. But,...

IA: Get off your soap box. You and your buts! Just stop at it got your attention. Most things don't even register. This did, period. Oh, why do I have to share life with this fool? WHY?

Runner up: Level Up 'Professional Training. Written by Robot'.
EA: Another ChatGPT/ AI generated idea. Sometime soon, someone, somewhere will do a review with one. Until then we have this idea which jumps on the ChatGPT bandwagon. This has a good point to make in using it. It would have been good to take the idea and bring it to life more.

IA: Life? What do you want? It's not a zombie. I hope lots of people sign up.

Winner: Tide 'Brightening Billboards'.
EA: Posters need to be simple. Brutally so. This has the kudos of not only being simple but also doing good and enhancing the brand. I didn't know there was an energy crisis in Lebanon and streets were plunged into darkness as streetlights were not working. This solves that. Is it real or a scam? It would have been good to see a film to see how much life a poster sight actually kicks off.

IA: Mama Mia. (followed my an avalanche of more predictable Italianisms). Why always end on a downer? This is a poster for now. I love it.

Runner up: GharPar / Indus Hospital 'Waxing Lady Tutorials'.
EA: This may not win a lorry load of awards but, it is a simple way to solve a profound problem.

IA: Pah! Take it for what it is, you cynical little English toad. This is a good idea that I hope does lots of good.

EA: Thank God that's over I've just about had enough of you.

IA: Had enough of me? I've had enough of you and you're rubbish at football.

EA: At least we qualified for the World Cup.

IA: Your English food tastes like s... (to fade). Rossi.jpeg
This week's guest judge is Adrian Rossi, creative partner at The Constellation Collective, London.

Adrian is half English and half Italian which means half of him finds talking about himself toe curling.

He has worked at BBH, Glue Isobar, ran the creative department of AMV BBDO for half a decade, sat on the BBDO Global Board before then going on to lead the creative department and agency of Grey London.

He currently consults for a range of brands and companies, from start ups to multi nationals.

Down to a group of fantastically talented people around him he has won six Cannes Grand Prix, a Titanium, 50+ Golds, three D&AD Black Pencils and a multitude of other door stops. He has been voted no 1 Creative Director at Cannes Lions.

His work has been talked about in The United Nations, The House of Commons twice infant of two different Prime Ministers, made a country change its law, got Twitter to change its rules and has work on display in The Design Museum.

During his time at AMV he restructured their output from traditional to multi platform. At Grey he reshaped and increased the capabilities of the agency, growing and winning numerous bits of business regionally and globally.

He supports a number of charities, spoken at inner city schools to inspire creativity no matter where or what your background and has helped set up schemes including helping Mums in creative to return to work. He likes most sports both watching and playing. He dislikes talking about himself in the third person.

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