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Starting up a production company

 LATEST NEWS   AUSTRALIA    October 17, 2005 17:10 (Edited: October 18, 2005 11:10)

From Baz Milas, producer at fledging production company Elevator Films

bestads: So what lured you from the high flying life of a freelance producer to heading up a start-up production company?
Baz: cos I figured I could make more money for less work but I seem to be working harder than ever before, for less, but its a lot of fun so that’s cool.

bestads: How did you select Bruce Allan as your director of choice?
Baz: after a very rigorous and exhaustive list of multiple choice questions

bestads: Is the director/ producer relationship a bit like a marriage & if so who wears the pants?
Baz: I wear the pants 100% of the time and let Bruce think he actually wears them

bestads: I’m liking this marriage analogy. So .... A marriage of convenience? & how do the creatives fit in? (diagrams optional).
Baz: we always create lots of space for them

bestads: I happen to know you’ve done quite a few spots already in a very short time (because I read your blurb!). What’s the secret there? Do you think agencies are genuinely interested in trying new directors or does it come down to “we wanted Noam Murro but you guys were cheaper”?
Baz: The good news is we aren’t cheaper. However we do strive to get the dollars up where they count….

bestads: Do you find that the scripts coming through reflect your start-up status or can you be a bit more daring because of it?
Baz: Love being daring – getting a cow to run on the beach is pretty daring

bestads: So what’s your most recent project & would you like to take this opportunity to suck up to the creatives?
Baz: Here’s the list: Monty Rich Reg at FAME; Eron Steve Ali Julia at Saatchi’s; Roger Katrina Luisa Arren Michael Dave Rod Ben Tom Mac at M&C; Mick and Ian Kaija Whybin/ TBWA…...All our supporters….

bestads: Is now a good time to link to those red cross spots?
Baz: hopefully they got a lot of people to give some blood – we did – we shot all three spots in a long day.

To view the spot click ....


 LATEST NEWS   AUSTRALIA    October 07, 2005 01:34 (Edited: October 07, 2005 05:34)

TVC director Ben Lawrence of Caravan Pictures, Sydney has just been honoured in the 2005 AICP awards in the US. Listed alongside other winners Martin Scorsese and David Fincher. Lawrence's "Holiday" spot for Telstra Big Pond, via BWM Sydney, was one of only three non-US ads awarded. The spot was also ranked number 2 hottest spot in the world on AdFourm. The commercial will remain in the New York, Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection, representative of the year's best ads. It's very prestigious, and tops off his silver Clio and Cannes Bronze Lion win for Red Cross, via BMF Sydney.
Lawrence has also just signed for US representation with bicoastal TRIO films.

This was a bestads featured spot. To see it again click ...

Bikini Bandits

 LATEST NEWS   USA    October 04, 2005 22:12 (Edited: October 05, 2005 02:12)[1].jpg

“The Bikini Bandits and the Curse of the Pirates Booty”
Plunders This Year’s Raindance Film Festival

Alternative Ad Agency GYRO Worldwide is poised to create sheer havoc at the Raindance Film Festival in London this week when it debuts its trailer for “The Bikini Bandits and the Curse of the Pirates Booty”, The full film, which clocks in at 100 minutes long, is slated for a summer 2006 release and the early buzz says it’s worth the wait.
Half-animated and half live-action, the soon-to-be international cult classic was shot on location in Philadelphia, Hollywood, and New Zealand as a co-production of F-Hollywood Productions, & Curious Film. Curious producers Matt Noonan and Mei-Ling Wong are currently working with F- Hollywood and GYRO Worldwide to complete the film for its 2006 release. Of particular interest:

• A whole slew of rockers have attached themselves to the project, including Maynard James Keenan (Tool), G Love, Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle (The Buzzcocks), Mitch Harris (Napalm Death), Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys), Captain Sensible (The Damned), Turbonegro, The Donnas, Ivan Meadows (Runninghouse) and Theo Kogan (Lunachicks).

• Get ready for some fresh faces: the film features all new girls who have been featured in Penthouse, Maxim, Stuff and FHM. Other girls have been featured in the Hip Hop Honeys video, adult film stars Belladonna and Tera Patrick make an appearance and, last but not least Valentina Vaughn (nominated Penthouse Pet of the Year). Yowza!

• Curious director Miki Magasiva directed parts of the film in New Zealand using locations and costumes from Xena: Warrior Princess along with Adrien Brody’s stunt double from “King Kong.” Principal photography was shot in Philadelphia with additional scenes at Maynard’s house in Hollywood, CA.

• The film is a unique technical collaboration, which uses 2-D flash characters and 3-D rendered backgrounds and effects to create a new look that has never been seen in the world of animation.

• The theme song for the movie was written and recorded by Curious house-band, Runninghouse, whose bassist Ivan Meadows is an associate producer at Curious Film and also appears in the movie as himself.

See the commercial at:

For more information on the entire Bikini Bandits empire, visit and catch up on the madness and mayhem of the ever-growing Bikini Bandits series: “The Bikini Bandits Experience” (with Corey Feldman, Maynard James Keenan, Dee Dee Ramone, Jello Biafra, Schooly D, Gary The Retard and Hank The Angry Dwarf) along with “Bikini Bandits: Briefs, Shorts and Panties”.

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