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Guest Judge: Nick Worthington, creative chairman, Colenso BBDO

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    April 04, 2016 10:34 (Edited: April 04, 2016 20:34)
NZTA's Hello is the pick of the bunch this week. I really didn't want it to be this one. It being from New Zealand. But Clemenger has again found a fresh approach to road safety. This time for mobile phones.

Anyone who has been watching the work they've done for road safety over the years will know that the work they do works. It gets into the vernacular. Into behaviour. It becomes famous, not just in ad circles but with the public. And this dumb simple replicable behaviour will be repeated again and again in real cars, with real friends, solving a real problem.

Runner up, and there are no prizes and little glory in this, only that I really did enjoy all four minutes of Trojan Condom's Little Dicky. Well written, perhaps by the man himself, but whatever, it made me think: One - how little sex I'm getting and Two - that should I have sex with a stranger in a bathroom, I really should wear a condom. Unless I was trying for a kid.

Winner: Parana State Government gets my vote in print. The craft is incredible and the more you look the more you see. Great simple insight too and the idea that on the hour every hour the same thing happens like clockwork is sharp.

Had trouble deciding on the runner up, so this time it goes to both BobZ and Samsung. BobZ for its simple emotional resonance. I can feel it. Emotion is always harder in print than in tv, but I really do get the emotion the team were trying to convey. Samsung, for its simple visual, a fast message that paints a wonderfully messy picture in my mind.

I've got a bit of deja-vu going on with the outdoor work this week, some of you reading this might share the same feeling. That said you can't not love the Samsung work #Betheireyes. So that's my pick. It's heartwarming and I have no doubt it's making Hong Kong a nicer place to be part of. For everyone, full sighted or otherwise.

And though we've seen some incredible work on road paint lately, the Road Angels campaign is wonderful. It touches the heart and seems even more powerful that it's done by hand by a bunch of young people at night. It has mystery and intrigue. I know if I saw it I would never forget it.

Winner: Samsung seem to be busy taking their tech muscle and collaborating with all kinds of people for all kinds of purposes. It's impressive. And knowing exactly how hard you've been hit is kinda scary and kinda useful, too. Wearable tech is clearly still in its infancy, but I do think there really is no limit to the data and the usefulness and timeliness of that data to help us understand and look after our bodies better.

Exciting times. I guess the world of advertising is becoming less and less about advertising and more and more about doing interesting and useful things to help brands, causes, charities and governments achieve their goals. Which I guess explains my selection to some degree. A true place for genuinely creative minds. W.jpg
This week's guest judge is Nick Worthington, creative chairman at Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand.

Nick studied Graphic Design in the early 80's at St Martin's School of Art in London. He joined BBH London in 1986 under the watchful eye of Sir John Hegarty. After 10 years at BBH Nick joined AMV BBDO under David Abbott.

In 2003 Nick joined Dave Droga on the Publicis worldwide creative board and moved to New Zealand, first as ECD at Publicis Mojo, and later as ECD at Colenso BBDO in Auckland, where Nick remains as creative chairman.

In 2013 Colenso BBDO was recognised as the "Best Agency in the World" by the Big Won Report, and "Agency of the Decade" by both YoungGuns and Campaign Brief. Nick has been personally recognised by D&AD as one of the Top 10 copywriters of all time, and No.1 ECD in the world by the Big Won Report.

When Nick isn't working he likes to fish, ride motorcycles and retreat to an eco house on Great Barrier Island with his partner, two sons and his chickens.

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