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Guest Judge: Icaro Doria, chief creative officer, DDB, New York

 GUEST JUDGE /BEST AD OF THE WEEK   WORLDWIDE    January 23, 2017 15:42 (Edited: January 24, 2017 02:42)
Pretty good week on the film camp. Adidas Original is Never Finished leads the way with a great celebration to originality. It's a beautiful spot with amazing craft and really truthful to what Adidas Originals stands for. The song, My Way, ironically was the one danced by the new president on his inaugural powwow. Kohler Never Too Wanted has beautiful craft and for sure is very unusual work for... faucets! I did like The Warning for Snickers too. Nice way to play with a great concept.

Print was a bit of a let down this past week. Brexit and Trump were the inspiration to my top choices. With the high emotions surrounding both topics, I wish these two print ads had gone a bit further than they did. My pick for best goes to Guardian, so this way Trump comes in second place.

Two ideas caught my eye. One very traditional poster that invites you to Read Better Stories than the ones you're reading on your instagram feed for Paper Plus (bookstore?). Pretty funny. Simple. Sad. And the other very generous, called Re-Pizza, a campaign to avoid restaurant food waste, where unique original pizza flavors were made from food that would have gone to waste. A great idea, really nice and simple execution, it deserves to be famous and it can grow bigger with partnering with chefs that can create recipes using these ingredients. Re-Pizza takes best outdoor with Paper Plus coming in second.

I'm pretty obsessed with claw machines. So the Sports Experts Grab a Gift had me there. Funny. Simple. Well done. The Cadilac Instagram Test Drive comes second. Nice intention. headshot (1).jpg
This week's guest judge is Icaro Doria, the chief creative officer of DDB New York, where he is responsible for the creative output of one of the most iconic ad agencies in the world, producing work for leading brands such as Unilever, Mars and J&J.

His 18-year-career spans 3 continents - from his native Brazil, to Portugal to the US market.

Before joining DDB NYC, Icaro was the founder and chief creative officer of Wieden+Kennedy in Brazil.

In four years, he led the startup of Wieden's 8th office into becoming a 160 people shop working for several global, regional and local brands, including the global Coca-Cola effort for FIFA World Cup 2014 as well as Heineken, Nike and all of Diageo's vodka portfolio, including Smirnoff, Ciroc and Ketel One.

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