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Tokyo Metropolitan Government: Tokyo Pen Pixel

 INTERACTIVE   JAPAN    December 12, 2017 11:32 Tokyo has collaborated with MUJI and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in the creation of a unique Christmas gift for sister city, Paris. Tokyo Pen Pixel is a mural of the Tokyo skyline composed from 37,968 multicoloured MUJI pens, brought to life by projection mapping. The installation is on display at the Forum des Halles store in Paris from now until December 17, after which the pens used will be gifted to customers.


Tourism Palau: The Palau Pledge

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    December 10, 2017 13:24 Australia has unveiled a landmark initiative to help the fragile Pacific Island nation of Palau tackle the negative impacts on the environment of mass tourism. The Palau Pledge is a simple, pioneering solution: all visitors to Palau will now be asked to sign a personal promise, stamped in their passports, to protect and preserve Palau for future generations. This commitment is a first of its kind. Written with the help of Palauan children, and developed in collaboration with its Government, the country has redesigned its immigration policy and landing procedures.


Mattessons: Code Strike

 INTERACTIVE   UK    December 10, 2017 13:21 & Saatchi London has created this interactive campaign for Mattessons who need your help as the war is on a knife edge, gather as much intel as you can and take down the enemy.


The National Safety Council: Stop Everyday Killers

 INTERACTIVE   USA    December 07, 2017 21:03 (Edited: December 08, 2017 08:03),000 People lost their lives to prescription Opioid overdose last year. The President has declared the Opioid Crisis a US Public Health Emergency. Today The National Safety Council is taking action to address the issue head on by launching a provocative nationwide public education campaign via Energy BBDO, that literally puts a face on the opioid epidemic. Stop Everyday Killers began in Chicago last month with the unveiling of 'Prescribed to Death,' the first ever memorial to the victims of the Opioid Crisis. The purpose of the memorial is to illuminate the stories of those lost to opioid addiction, and equip people with information and tools to prevent future devastation of lives. The exhibit includes a memorial wall made of pills, carved with faces that represent the 22,000 people lost last year.


Broken Back: You're The Stylist

 INTERACTIVE   FRANCE    December 01, 2017 19:49 this world first, Ideas For Music puts the viewer in the driver's seat. At each click, you have the power to switch the characters' styles and see where these different looks take you! This interactive music video for French electro-folk artist BrokenBack is a blast and, to top it all off, online retailer Vente-privee gives you the opportunity to get the clothes from the video on their exclusive sale page.
This interactive idea is the latest from French creative studio Ideas For Music and was spearheaded by From Paris Agency for online retailer Vente Privee as a part of the brand's "Entertainment Shopping" positioning.


Ikea: Place

 INTERACTIVE   NETHERLANDS    December 01, 2017 19:44 believes picking a holiday tree should be fun. Whether your space is big or small, wide or tall, you should be able to find a tree that fits just right. With IKEA Place, picking that perfect tree is now easier than ever. Just in time for the biggest holiday tree weekend of the year*, the augmented reality app added four true-to-scale tree styles, so now all you have to do is choose the one that fits best Drag it, drop it and #Placeatreeonit. With IKEA Place you can virtually place your tree anywhere. For the launch of #Placeatreeonit, Inter IKEA Systems once again partnered with Space10 and TWNKLS, who were responsible for the User Experience and development of the new feature. Inter IKEA Systems also collaborated with 72andSunny Amsterdam, who developed the idea, comms planning, influencer strategy, as well as creative assets for the Tree update, which includes a hero film, explainer GIFs, and storytorials (Instastories tutorials).


Netsafe: Re:scam

 INTERACTIVE   NEW ZEALAND    December 01, 2017 09:09 (Edited: December 01, 2017 20:09) New Zealand has teamed up with Netsafe, New Zealand's independent online safety organisation, to design, build and launch an AI weapon against scammers: Re:scam. The new artificially intelligent (AI) email assistant has been rolled out at a critical time - with cybercrime costing New Zealand hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Re:scam works by occupying the time and resources of scammers through deploying a well-educated AI. Instead of junking or deleting a scam email, you can forward it to Re:scam who will continue the conversation until the scammer stops replying.


Nature Valley: Battle Of The Sexes

 INTERACTIVE   UK    November 23, 2017 15:04 (Edited: November 24, 2017 02:04) celebrate the inclusivity of tennis and as part of Nature Valley's commitment to driving participation in tennis in Britain, Nature Valley, one of UK's leading cereal bar brands and official partner of British Tennis, created a full size tennis court in Westfield Shopping Centre, Shepherd's Bush, and invited tennis champions, celebrities, social media influencers, and the general public, to get on court and play more tennis. Agency: Space, London


Subway: World Sandwich Day 2017

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    November 22, 2017 14:02 a global, real-time data-led campaign devised and executed by J Walter Thompson Sydney, more than 40,000 Subway restaurants in more than 60 countries recently invited customers to join the Subway Live Feed to help fight hunger around the world. The Subway Live Feed concept, developed specifically to celebrate World Sandwich Day on Friday November 3, saw Subway partnering with local hunger-relief charities. Locally, Subway partnered with Foodbank Australia. For every Sub bought, Subway gave a meal to someone in need through partner charities. Meals donated on World Sandwich Day were tracked through the Subway Live Feed digital ticker in real time.


War Child: $249

 INTERACTIVE   USA    November 21, 2017 16:02 acclaimed humanitarian organization, War Child USA, today launched its first campaign in the United States. The campaign, from Publicis New York titled $249, raises awareness about global spending on war


Louis XIII: 100 Years Pharrell

 INTERACTIVE   USA    November 17, 2017 21:10 XIII Cognac unleashes the next, great artistic secret after the legendary 100 Years movie concept and publishes, in cooperation with the exceptional artist Pharrell Williams, the official date for the world premiere of the song "100 Years". In exactly one hundred years, in 2117, The Song We'll Only Hear If We Care will be unveiled to the world for the first time - assuming people start fighting global warming today before it's forever too late. Agency: Fred & Farid, New York.


Gordon Finest Beers: Adblocker

 INTERACTIVE   BELGIUM    November 17, 2017 21:08 all know, adblockers are a huge threat for advertisers. And in Belgium up to 37% of people use one. That seems like a huge problem, but not for beer brand Gordon Finest Beers. They just came up with an adblocker themselves. One that blocks only their own campaign. They say they have Nothing To Prove after all. Just go to and the application is installed automatically. You don't need to do anything. Agency: BVBA OLAF


SOS Amitié: At First Sight

 INTERACTIVE   FRANCE    November 17, 2017 21:05 Amitie uses the invisible area of facebook video formats to raise awareness about distress in this interactive campaign via Buzzman, Paris.


7-Eleven: Rhythm of Love Wall

 INTERACTIVE   TAIWAN    November 16, 2017 22:57 Taiwan is behind this year's 7-ELEVEN Taiwan charity donations project. The annual program runs at the end of each year to encourage and engage fun ways for people to donate spare change when they are in the store. ADK Taiwan started to develop the idea from the beginning of the year, and then carefully chose the co-excution partner for the project - world-renowned creative lab, Party. These two awarded creative teams combined to co-build the world's first 'Rhythm of Love Wall.'


Orizon: Predictive Real Estate

 INTERACTIVE   FRANCE    November 16, 2017 22:56 to Orizon, you can now purchase real estate properties of today that will become the seafronts homes of tomorrow. Agency: Artefact.


Cards Against Humanity: Saving America

 INTERACTIVE   USA    November 16, 2017 22:52 It's 2017, and the government is being run by a toilet. We have no choice: Cards Against Humanity is going to save America. There's no time for questions, now is the time to act. You give us $15, and we'll send six America-saving surprises right to your doorstep. It will be fun, it will be weird, and if you voted for Trump, you might want to sit this one out.


NGO Care: Stories From The Other Side Of The World

 INTERACTIVE   FRANCE    November 16, 2017 09:23 November 6th to 12th 2017, NGO Care France shared the daily lives of women from the other side of the world on their Instagram account @care_france. The French actor Pierre Niney, the model Caroline de Maigret and more than 70 celebrities support this awareness effort. They are the stories of women, living in developing countries. Women who also have stories to share. For 70 years, CARE has supported women who fight against extreme poverty in developing countries. CARE France and the agency BBDO Paris have created, as part of a sponsorship, 'Stories from the other side of the world': the stories of 7 women, 7 daily lives far from ours, posted during 7 days on the @care_france Instagram account.


Sky: Spoiler Killers

 INTERACTIVE   ITALY    November 14, 2017 20:08 who loves TV series has to fight every day against a terrible common enemy: spoilers. Who better than the best ones at killing can kill spoilers? To launch the third season of Gomorrah, the Italian award-winning original Sky production about the ruthless Mafia-like Neapolitan crime syndicate, Publicis Italy scanned the conversations on social media to hijack the audience attention about the most famous TV series like Game of Thrones, Narcos, Stranger Things or The Walking Dead, replying users' spoiler posts with customized videos of the bloodiest Bosses of Gomorrah.


Organ Donation: Speed Donating

 INTERACTIVE   UK    November 14, 2017 19:50 86,000 people across Europe are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Unfortunately, 16 of them will die today because they won't find their match in time. Yet it will take you just minutes to sign-up to become an organ donor. Agency: Havas Lynx, Manchester.


The John Fawcett Foundation: Kadek Jango Pramatha

 INTERACTIVE   SINGAPORE    November 14, 2017 19:48 Singapore is behind a new campaign for The John Fawcett Foundation (JFF) that asks artists to give up their most valuable asset - their eyesight - to create artworks under the conditions of cataracts. The Catarart pieces will be exhibited and sold at Affordable Art Fair with proceeds going to JFF. The John Fawcett Foundationis a non-profit organisation that aims to eradicate curable blindness in economically-disadvantaged areas of Indonesia. This year, JFF has partnered with Affordable Art Fair Singapore to launch a new initiative called 'Catarart' at the event taking place November 17-19.


The Cornerstone Partnership: Window To Our World

 INTERACTIVE   UK    November 14, 2017 19:46 a ground-breaking venture for technology and social care, award-winning director Ben Perry executes a 360 virtual reality film to raise awareness of children's experiences of foster care and adoption. The arresting film for The Cornerstone Partnership gives viewers a piercing insight into the realities of children from broken homes who start new lives with foster families. Orchestrated by The Cornerstone Partnership, EY London Venture, Visyon, and Ben Perry, the five-minute experience pushes the boundaries of immersive technology to combat the shortage of skilled foster carers in London.


HotelF1: Road bands

 INTERACTIVE   FRANCE    November 14, 2017 19:43 reference for road-trippers, HotelF1 knows that each trip is unique and that everyone travels in their own way. By launching a videogame geared towards 18-34-year-olds and letting its community code their own levels, HotelF1 stays true to its philosophy. We coded the first four levels of the game, in which a glam rock band hits the road in hopes of writing the best song in the world. Almost immediately, they are caught by the bad guys, Zackhouse, a hard tech band from Scandinavia. Agency: Havas, Paris


PornHub: Sex Instruments

 INTERACTIVE   SPAIN    November 13, 2017 10:18 Toys presents: "Sex Instruments" by Perlita, the first ever song made entirely out of sounds produced by sex toys, including guitars played with vibrators, bass notes from anal beads and strokers for rhythm to name a few. If that wasn't enough, we've also added another layer of sonic bliss by combining the rhythm of the toys with the sounds of moans, orgasms and sex, creating a one of a kind song that will get your feet (and hands) moving.


Christie’s: The Last da Vinci

 INTERACTIVE   USA    November 13, 2017 10:15 portrait of the world from the eyes of Leonardo's Salvator Mundi. As this masterpiece was placed on public display, Droga5 captured the real-life emotions that this painting, its beauty and divine subject matter stirred in the people who came to see it. Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the many to view the painting. Agency: Droga5, New York.


Leaps by Bayer: The Leap of Faith

 INTERACTIVE   GERMANY    November 09, 2017 17:21 by Bayer, a bold new initiative for breakthrough innovations in the life sciences, launches this week via TLGG GmBH, with a 90-second intro film starring pro skaters Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki and Ali Boulala, and featuring a voiceover from skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. Berlin-based musician Paul Kalkbrenner produced the exclusive background track. The film was shot in the largest salt flat in the world, Bolivia's spectacular Salar de Uyuni. Paul Gerwien of Berlin-based creative production house Bears Calling


Primus: Prison Fix Up

 INTERACTIVE   ROMANIA    November 09, 2017 09:25 January 30, 2017, at 10:30 PM, under the pretext of poor prison conditions reported by E.U., the government passed an emergency ordinance that would help corrupt politicians escape justice and this decision lead to Romania's greatest post communism protest. Primus, a small brand of construction materials, focused on responsible honest handymen, wanted to show support for a protest that fights dishonest decisions. Agency: Rusu+Bortun


Opel: Pay With Views

 INTERACTIVE   NETHERLANDS    November 08, 2017 15:53 knows that when it comes to the web, it's all about views. Views are quite literally worth money. So, Opel and advertising agency J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam went one step further by turning views into a viable currency - by asking normal people in the Netherlands to film their Opel test drive, upload it onto YouTube, promote their video heavily - and then use those views to buy a brand new Opel Online Edition model.


Adobe: Exhibition Stockholm

 INTERACTIVE   SWEDEN    November 04, 2017 06:46 of amazing pictures were uploaded to the "Exhibition Stockholm," a digital exhibition challenging people to take great photos, in new and different spots around Stockholm. The winning photos featured in this augmented reality campaign via SpotlightPR, Stockholm / Accomplice, Stockholm.


Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade: DemocrARtisation

 INTERACTIVE   SERBIA    November 04, 2017 06:44 until recently, Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade has been closed to the public since 2007 due to reconstruction of the main exhibition building, which created a wave of public discontent. In order to turn things around, McCann Beograd launched a free augmented reality app 'msu ARt', turning billboards, posters, and print ads in 15 Serbian cities into works of art from distinguished MoCAB collections.


Pepsi: Facebook Messenger Chatbot

 INTERACTIVE   UNITED ARAB EMIRATES    November 04, 2017 06:42, Dubai has launched this Facebook Messenger Chatbot built for Pepsi where users can order their Pepsi beverage and the bot notifies you when your drink is ready.


Easy GO: Flight Mode

 INTERACTIVE   ISRAEL    November 04, 2017 06:40 Tel Aviv has created this interactive "Flight Mode" campaign for Easy GO, which only reveals special deals and offers after your phones flight mode has been activated.


Battle To The Beehive: For Disaffected Young Voters

 INTERACTIVE   NEW ZEALAND    November 02, 2017 17:48 solve the problem of youth voter apathy JWT NZ created a video game that engaged New Zealand's disaffected young voters. This retro style fighting game engaged the target audience and allowed them to learn about the political parties of New Zealand as they fought major issues on their way to the nation's seat of government – The Beehive building.


Anlene: Age Suit - The Fallen Drummer

 INTERACTIVE   INDONESIA    October 31, 2017 22:11 consciousness of movement amongst a younger audience as well as drive penetration of Anlene by widening the brand appeal to younger users. FCB, Jakarta, created a customized Age-Suit that simulated how bones, joints and muscles age over a period of time. An experiment where a drummer falls down in her performance while wearing the suit, demonstrated the need of Anlene early. The full video was launched on social media, which attracted media again. Through an on-ground activation ordinary women experienced the Age-suit.


Slotomania: It's Always Okay to Play Slotomania Case Study

 INTERACTIVE   BELGIUM    October 31, 2017 15:06 (Edited: November 01, 2017 02:06) all need some me-time. And we all deserve to spend that me-time the way we want. Whether that’s reading a book, watching TV, going for a run or playing a mobile game. Fact is, however, when playing a mobile game while grabbing some me-time, people tend to feel a bit guilty. FCB Happiness and Slotomania wanted to counter that feeling by giving a reason to play, any minute of the day. – a real-time video clock that runs perfectly in sync with your local time and shows you a different video for every single minute of the day. Each 60 seconds unveils a unique video, with a script based on surprising data found about that specific moment in the day, turning each minute into a unique insight and an original reason to play.


KFC: Garlic Sauce

 INTERACTIVE   ROMANIA    October 30, 2017 18:31 (Edited: October 31, 2017 05:31) knows that GARLIC protects you from vampires. Located in the home country of the most famous vampire of all times, Dracula, KFC Romania aims to protect the entire world from vampires, by inviting people from all countries to go to and order a delivery of the special edition sauce for Halloween in their country. Agency: McCann Worldgroup Romania


Aure Odonto - Dental Clinic: Wi-Fi Poster Zone

 INTERACTIVE   BRASIL    October 27, 2017 14:06 (Edited: October 28, 2017 01:06) ingles.jpg&width=200Sniper, Sao Luis, has created this concept for Aure Odonto, Dental Clinic.


Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST): Suburban Horror Story

 INTERACTIVE   USA    October 27, 2017 14:03 year, the most terrifying 'haunted' house depicts a real-life horror story happening every day. Street Grace, Inc., an Atlanta-based organization dedicated to providing a comprehensive path to end Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) in Metro Atlanta and throughout the US, has created a 'Suburban Horror Story,' a provocative experiential event showcasing the horrifying reality of this $290 million illegal industry in Georgia. Agency: BBDO Atlanta


Australia on Same-Sex Marriage: Virtual Equality

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    October 26, 2017 12:21 the crucial final week before the closure of the postal vote in Australia on Same-Sex Marriage this online experience, "Virtual Equality", is centred on Dan and Thomas, a loving couple who were legally married in Auckland on September 22nd. Because we can't experience a legal same-sex marriage in Australia, the couple invited Australians to experience their wedding in virtual reality.


Vodafone: Dream Job

 INTERACTIVE   AUSTRALIA    October 25, 2017 18:50 with a smartphone are being urged to embrace their 'DreamJob' and help fight cancer while they sleep, in a new campaign for the DreamLab app, which uses a smartphone’s processing power to solve cancer research problems while the handset is idle. The 'DreamJob' awareness campaign, developed by J. Walter Thompson and supported by fellow WPP AUNZ agencies Hill+Knowlton Strategies, MEC and Webling, aims to get one million people using the DreamLab app. It is supported by the Vodafone Foundation and The Garvan Institute of Medical Research.


Ikea: For Pets

 INTERACTIVE   SWEDEN    October 25, 2017 18:41 (Edited: October 26, 2017 05:41) has always been the one-stop-shop, a place where you can find just about anything. just when you think the store contains everything, the swedish furniture company releases a line of furniture and accessories for dogs and cats, an important member of the family. the IKEA design team worked alongside veterinarians to design pieces that are affordable and aesthetically pleasing. the collection takes into account the typical needs and personality-types of both animals, providing quiet warm places for cats to curl up, and open beds, cushions, and rubber balls that can accommodate dogs of all sizes.

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