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Sky Airline: Low Cost Zone

 AMBIENT   CHILE    May 21, 2018 19:06 the first time, Santiago in Chile became the most wanted destination for Argentinians to travel to, overtaking Miami and Rio de Janeiro. The main reason why is "Shopping Tourism," the prices in Chile are so much cheaper. Which is why Grey Chile turned the Chilian embassy in Buenos Aires into the 'Low Cost Zone' for Sky Airline.


SiooX: The World's Most Boring Billboard

 AMBIENT   SWEDEN    May 19, 2018 15:39 Wood Protection gives outdoor wood surfaces a beautiful, natural silver-grey hue and keeps them protected for twelve years. It’s also 100% environmentally friendly - which is revolutionary. But twelve years' worth of protection is almost too good to be true. Our mission was to prove it is for real. So we created a billboard made from real Sioo:x-treated boards and booked a triple-sided billboard for twelve years in Malmo, Sweden. Agency: Stendahls


Huawei: The Human Billboard

 AMBIENT   ITALY    May 17, 2018 18:49 (Edited: May 18, 2018 04:49) years ago Maurizio Cattelan rented out his space at the Biennale for a brand's billboard. 25 years later BBDO Italy has launched "The Human Billboard," media planning on Maurizio Catalan's forehead with the logo of the new Huawei P20 Pro during Catalan's first public speech in his life.


Rak'N'Roll: Good Beer

 AMBIENT   POLAND    May 17, 2018 18:46 that helps get thru cancerEver since its beginnings, the Rak'n'Roll charity foundation has been working towards the improvement of the quality of life of cancer patients. However, collecting money for charity is hard and occasional. That's is why the Rak'n'Roll decreased its income by 20% in 2017. Grey Poland together with local brewery made a new beer brand and turned it into a self-sufficient donation engine.


Dairy Queen: Blizzard Store

 AMBIENT   PANAMA    May 16, 2018 20:43 Dairy Queen launched the Blizzards they've claimed to be the creamiest ice cream. To prove it, Dairy Queen created a ritual in-store: serving Blizzards upside down promising a spill-free experience or the customer doesn't pay! Three decades later, this marketing trick became predictable. Even though the Blizzard has introduced new flavors and mixes, the brand needed an original experience that reconnected with its core value: creaminess. The Idea: If every Blizzard must be served upside down, then why not build a entire store upside down. P4 Ogilvy & Mather constructed a Dairy Queen stand completely upside down. The structure was built from the ceiling down (rather than from the ground up). A professional acrobat was hired to be suspended from the ceiling and posed as a Dairy Queen employee handing out Blizzards. We positioned the stand in one of the main local malls on a day with high foot-traffic.


Sao Paulo City Hall: Being Visible To Invisibles

 AMBIENT   BRASIL    May 16, 2018 20:40 streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil are populated by some 20,000 homeless people. Many of them have pets, and most homeless shelters don't accept pets, which is why Sao Paulo's City Hall is now reaching out to these people with street art to tell them about shelters that now accept pets. Agency: nova/sb


Mercedes Benz: Fire marks

 AMBIENT   BRASIL    May 14, 2018 21:14 (Edited: May 15, 2018 07:14) Marks: Mercedes-Benz Brazil campaign reveals social stories behind burned buses. From January 2010 until today, more than 1,000 vehicles were set on fire in the country and the numbers keep growing. In order to raise awareness of the population, Mercedes-Benz Brazil started the "Fire Marks" movement, created by Moma agency.


Repeal The Eighth : The Weight

 AMBIENT   IRELAND    May 14, 2018 20:59 iconic "Aspiration" sculpture on Dublin's Treasury Building was given new meaning through a projection in support of the Repeal The 8th movement. The statue of a woman climbing had a ball-and-chain with the number 8 creating an insurmountable burden. A national referendum on May 25th will determine if the country will repeal the 8th Amendment to the Constitution, keeping women from their reproductive freedom and basic human rights.


The Tree Of hope

 AMBIENT   PORTUGAL    May 14, 2018 20:57 2017 Portugal was devastador by the largest fire surge in the history. More than 100 deaths.To prevent this tragedy from happening again the President of Portugal challenged the Portugueses: "Do not let this tragedy be forgotten."
And we made the Tree of Hope.A burnt tree from the fire turned upside down, in the shape of a root, gave birth to a small pine tree that symbolises the hope for a greener country.All the trees were collected from Arganil, Pedrogao Grande, Oliveira do Hospital and Leiria (places devastated by the fires).


Campaign to End Loneliness: Be More Us

 AMBIENT   UK    May 10, 2018 19:07 from the Campaign to End Loneliness (CTEL) reveals more than half of UK adults (54%) feel it has been a long time since they made a new friend. With loneliness and isolation on the rise, BMB and the Campaign to End Loneliness have joined forces to resolve the problem - using the power of six year-olds. Everyone knows that that it's easy to make friends and strike up conversations when you're a kid - so CTEL is taking children as their inspiration. CTEL and BMB sent out children accompanied by adults into a cafe where typically solitary and un-sociable people tend to keep themselves to themselves.


Gillette: Baby Face

 AMBIENT   ISRAEL    May 09, 2018 11:37 fashion was bad for Gillette and for babies, whose only language of communication is touch.Research proved that soft warm contact is essential for development. We convinced dads to sacrifice their beards by launching the first-ever skin to surface haptics campaign. Haptic technology uses electrostatic forces to manipulate the friction between finger and screen.Our tablets featured in maternity wards, birth classes and baby-fairs enabling expecting parents to contrast the scratch of a beard stubble vs. a clean-shaven face, just as a baby would.


National Fire Service Of Poland : Vent Inspection

 AMBIENT   POLAND    May 09, 2018 11:35 monoxide detectors for many people are expensive. That is why we created a solution affordable for everyone. Thanks to Pepco, Lewiatan and Złote Tarasy we turned millions of leaflets into “vent inspection ads”. Precisely 28 850 000 ads.


The Exerciser Reviver

 AMBIENT   AUSTRALIA    May 08, 2018 06:59 Exerciser Reviver campaign took the age-old cup of coffee head-on and found a more innovative way to keep drivers alert on the roads. The ambient outdoor campaign involved substituting coffee stops for bespoke mobile workout stations showing drivers that three minutes of intense exercise is twice as effective at boosting energy levels to avoid nodding off. Drivers throughout Perth metro and regional areas were encouraged to pull over and experience a fully interactive mobile workout station that indicated on-screen when their energy levels were full to begin driving again.


GoDaddy: Ideas On The Subway

 AMBIENT   CANADA    May 08, 2018 06:40't leave your idea on the subway is the message from Juniper ParkTBWA for GoDaddy


Access Israel: People Not Symbols

 AMBIENT   ISRAEL    May 05, 2018 16:43 the "International Day of Persons with Disabilities", Access Israel the NPO whose mission it is to promote accessibility for people with disabilities in Israel, replaced all disabled parking spot signs with the pictures of real people. Desperate for stricter enforcement of their rights, "Access Israel" decided to raise public awareness for the issue and to put a face on people with disabilities. To do that we photographed disabled people including members of parliament,


Premier League Primary Stars: Best Maths Lesson Ever

 AMBIENT   UK    May 05, 2018 16:40 Rooney, Theo Walcott and Davy Klaassen surprise a group of primary school children by delivering the "Best Maths Lesson Ever," a maths lesson they will never forget as part of the Premier League Primary Stars programme, which has already engaged 15,000 schools in its first year. Agency: Y&R London.


The Exhibition No One Wants To See

 AMBIENT   BRASIL    May 04, 2018 10:00 Comunicacao has created this exhibition at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, in Curitiba which calls the attention of visitors to the risks of breast cancer and the importance of prevention. "The Exhibition No One Wants To See" is entertaining as well as the art being a great tool for creating awareness.


YouTube Reds: Karate Prank

 AMBIENT   USA    May 04, 2018 09:57 has created this karate prank played out on unsuspecting New Yorkers to promote YouTube Red's new online series, Cobra Kai where a street lamp, a motorcycle, and even a water hydrant get destroyed.


Ikea: Bully A Plant

 AMBIENT   UNITED ARAB EMIRATES    May 04, 2018 09:54 raise awareness around Anti-Bullying Day on 4th May, IKEA partnered with GEMS Wellington Academy in the UAE to conduct a unique social experiment with thousands of children, to raise awareness about bullying. We took two identical plants from our IKEA's garden section, and gave them the same amount of sunlight, water and fertiliser. The only difference being, we said words of criticism to one plant, and words of encouragement to the other, for a span of 30 days. By the end of the experiment, the impressive results spoke for themselves. Agency: Memac Ogilvy & Mather UAR


Deltran Holographic Crosswalk

 AMBIENT   BRASIL    May 04, 2018 09:51 more Brasilian pedestrians safe is a promotion from Tif.


The Heart of Children Association: Heart Sewing Kit

 AMBIENT   ROMANIA    May 04, 2018 09:37 half of the Romanian children who need heart surgeries cannot be operated in state hospitals. They end up on a long waiting list. The Heart of Children took up the mission to save babies' lives with the help of foreign surgeons who operate free of charge. But these surgeries still require huge expenses. Which is why Mercury 360 Bucharest launched a funding campaign that helps people see and grasp their good deed: donors are transformed into artists and surgeons by sewing their own heart-shaped brooch.


BMW WX2: #LikeGigante

 AMBIENT   ITALY    May 02, 2018 21:21 mysterious giant-like statue destroyed for the launch of the new born #BMWX2, the car that breaks every convention by M&C Saatchi Milano. A giant, sculpted thumbs-up appeared on in Milan, in the heart of one of the most iconic city areas, Corso Como, famous for clubbing and for style. A thumbs-up that was an unmistakable reference to the Like icon, and an evolution of a famous and controversial middle-finger statue a couple of blocks away. Nobody knew where it came from or who the author was, but the message was clear. Inside the ruins we discover the new-born BMW X2 while a graffiti writer covers the original message by spraying a new one: "BMW X2. Break out of your conventions".


St. Louis Children's Hospital: Remission Bell

 AMBIENT   CANADA    May 02, 2018 21:19 Walter Thompson Canada was tasked by St. Louis Children's Hospital to help raise awareness of their new oncology wing known as Siteman Kids. When the child cancer patients complete their chemotherapy treatment, the hospital celebrates by having the patient ring a golden bell. This ritual is something that the kids and families look forward to because it signals that the child is in remission and on the road to beating cancer. To promote the news that another child has beaten cancer, we created a 12-foot replica of the bell that the young cancer survivors ring in the hospital. The bell was placed on a prominent billboard in downtown St. Louis. When a child rings the bell in the hospital, nurses simultaneously ring the billboard bell through an app on their phones. Speakers on the billboard amplify the sound of the bell so passersby can hear it far and wide. Approximately 5-10 kids ring the bell every month.


Philips: Dutch Masterjuices

 AMBIENT   NETHERLANDS    May 02, 2018 21:17 (Edited: May 03, 2018 07:17) Amsterdam, London and Singapore steals priceless art and drops it in a blender to promote healthy eating for Philips. So now, you can now drink a Dutch still-life inspired masterpiece. The new campaign plays on the insight that people tend to ignore fruit and vegetables: in still life and in real life. 86% of Europeans don't get enough of them. This can lead to all kinds of serious health problems. Philips believes that fruit and vegetables matter. They also believe there's always a way to make life better. So, with Dutch Masterjuices, Phillips teamed up with The Rijksmuseum to put fruit and vegetables back in the picture. The healthy living campaign kicked off with the release of a short film which sees still life works of art mysteriously lose their fruit and vegetables in a bold move that creates confusion and surprise with museum visitors.


MINI Connected: The Shortcut Billboards

 AMBIENT   GERMANY    May 02, 2018 21:10 Campaign X stages shortcuts for MINI Germany to promote the new MINI Connected Features: Just as the real-time traffic information "Real Time Traffic Information" (RTTI) always informs the drivers of the new MINI models about the fastest and most time-saving route to their destination, the converted 18:1 advertising spaces on time-consuming Berlin pedestrian routes show an abbreviation for the fastest route through the city.


Justice4Korea: An Uncomfortable History

 AMBIENT   USA    May 02, 2018 21:08 (Edited: May 03, 2018 07:08) WWII the imperial Japanese military kidnapped and sexually enslaved thousands of Korean women. The victims were called "comfort women and most were teenagers. At the conclusion of WWII Japan murdered most of the women to cover up their war crimes. To this day the Japanese government refuses to apologize, ignoring Korean pleas for restitution. Justice4Korea wanted to let the world know so that more people could demand justice for the 30 remaining survivors. So we created life-size installation inspired by a survivor's painting and placed them around New York city.


Volvo: The Undercover Sales Casting

 AMBIENT   USA    May 01, 2018 10:54 Believers has created this campaign for Volvo of North Miami, featuring pregnant women, to promote the new Volvo XC40 during the President's'Day Weekend Sale. So, knowing that the challenge was to drive people to the dealership, We Believers decided to organize the casting in a different way than the usual. Instead of calling future moms to the typical casting facilities, we asked them to go to the Volvo dealership. "The Undercover Sales Casting" is an idea that generates traffic and exposes our potential customers to Volvo’s safety features.


Cristal Beer: The Hacking Jersey

 AMBIENT   NETHERLANDS    May 01, 2018 10:51 has not played a World Cup for the last 36 years and in 2017 the Peruvian team had a new opportunity, to play a repechage game against New Zealand, 10,588 kms away in Wellington, a city where only 64 Peruvians live. This match would define its qualification to the 2018 World Cup. The biggest challenge was to make the team feel at home with 36 thousands New Zealander fans cheering for their team. That's why we created a jersey for the New Zealander fans: "The Hacking Jersey."Agency: Houdini, Amsterdam


KFC & National Museum of China: New Year

 AMBIENT   CHINA    May 01, 2018 10:48 and the National Museum of China celebrated Chinese New Year with a content-driven OOH campaign that transformed the metro of Shanghai into a museum. Together with STDecaux, they created an exhibition in Xujiahui station, with replica exhibits in custom showcase columns and interactive, mobile-connected digital screens.


Unicef: Real Life Escape Room

 AMBIENT   ROMANIA    May 01, 2018 10:45 has released this video showing the reactions of the visitors to "The Real-Life Escape Room." Child sexual abuse is one of the most hidden crimes, which takes place behind closed doors. The offenders are highly motivated to keep their actions hidden, so they can continue with the abuse. As many as 62% of the victims never speak up,


Marie Keating Foundation: Give A Shit

 AMBIENT   IRELAND    April 27, 2018 14:45 Marie Keating Foundation briefed us to increase awareness among men and women aged 60 – 69, in specific areas where uptake of the free bowel cancer screening is low. Bowel cancer is one of the three most common cancers among Irish men and women but early detection improves chances of survival for five years after diagnosis by 90%. With uptake of the free screening only 40.2%, despite previous national campaigns, we knew the job to do was more than just raising awareness. We found that, while we’ve come a long way when it comes to discussing health issues, bowel cancer is one disease Irish people are still not comfortable talking about. Mainly because of the nature of the screening process.


Spies: The Home Weather Machine

 AMBIENT   DENMARK    April 27, 2018 14:43 what happened when SPIES Travels took there "Home Weather Machine" and simulated the weather from back home to unsuspecting holiday-makers on a sunny beach abroad. Agency: Robert/Boisen & Like-minded, Denmark.


Burger King: King Popcorn

 AMBIENT   PERU    April 25, 2018 19:09 March 25th, moviegoers could only consume food and beverages bought in the theatre's food concessions in Peru. Any external purchase was forbidden. After a resolution by the National Institute for the Defense of Free Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property, this prohibition ceased, and consumers can enter movie theaters with good food "similar" to those sold in the cinema’s food concessions. Burger King Peru and McCann Lima saw this chan


Amsterdam Metropolitan Area: Gumshoe

 AMBIENT   NETHERLANDS    April 24, 2018 19:35 Metropolitan Area recently launched a unique creation Gumshoe , a range of sneakers with soles made from chewing gum taken from the streets of Amsterdam. Conceptualized by Publicis One's agencies (Leo Burnett, MSL and Publicis), the initiative aims to improve the city's image and reputation with cleaner streets and raise awareness of the chewing gum littering problem. Every year, about 1.5 million kilos of chewing gum finds its way on to the streets of the Netherlands. Cleaning the gum costs the Dutch municipalities millions of euros. Publicis One Netherlands and Amsterdam Metropolitan Area decided to turn this unwanted garbage into something useful. Working with a specialized company, Gum-Tec , the streets' chewing gum waste is turned into a compound which are then used as material for soles of the sneakers which are designed by up and coming local label, Explicit Wear.


Thalys: Human Monuments

 AMBIENT   FRANCE    April 24, 2018 19:23 (Edited: April 25, 2018 05:23) is situated at the center of some of the world's most popular tourist destinations, Paris, London and Amsterdam. With the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, Paris is the number one European destination for tourists. Not far behind, in 3rd place, sits London, with big Ben and the London Eye, and Amsterdam, with its canals and cannabis, comes in 12th. Brussels, which welcomes 3 million visitors a year, doesn't come close to rivaling the popularity of its neighbors. But Brussels is worth visiting and it has something the other cities don’t: the warmth and openness of its residents. To pump some life back into the city's tourism, train company Thalys and its agency Rosapark sought to promote the welcoming atmosphere by putting its residents on a pedestal. Over 3,000 visitors came to see the nearly 500 holograms created - projections of the city's residents, each of whom became, for one night, a living monument and a part of Brussels history.


Action Innocence: Engraved Memories

 AMBIENT   SWITZERLAND    April 24, 2018 10:26 is the new campaign of Action Innocence based on a meaningful idea : engrave illustrations, drawn by well-known artists, telling stories about bullying directly on school desks. These Illustrations are coming to life with a dedicated mobile app especially created for this occasion. A unique mix of technology and creativity that opens the conversation between teachers and students about bullying at school.Agency: Havas, Switzerland


Uppersafe: Hide Yourself

 AMBIENT   FRANCE    April 21, 2018 10:58 people in this video didn't know they were being watched. But they later gave Uppersafe their consent to show their homes while their faces were hidden in this shocking experience where nobody is actually safe online. Agency: HEREZIE Group, Paris.


Shazam : Unmute Daniel

 AMBIENT   SINGAPORE    April 21, 2018 10:55 Group has collaborated with Shazam to roll out the 'Unmute Daniel' campaign, in a bid to raise awareness around the issue of cyberbullying in Singapore.


Nike: Game Of Go

 AMBIENT   USA    April 21, 2018 10:51 (Edited: April 21, 2018 20:51) Verrett and Neil Everett try out the new Nike React while playing the "Game of Go." Agency: Wieden Kennedy, Portland.


HP: Latino Jobs

 AMBIENT   USA    April 18, 2018 22:24, Miami has released this campaign for HP, who's hiring and talent is our only criteria. HP is dedicated to becoming the employer of choice for underrepresented groups seeking careers in the tech industry.

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